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Exclusive webcomic debuting spring 2017

Written and illustrated by Kraig Rasmussen

Sojourners is the tale of an intrepid crew of genetically engineered monkeys, on a mission to save earth from climate catastrophe. Only problem is, first they have to cross the galaxy and travel back in time to do it.


New Podcasts

 Photo Credit: Art by kraig rasmussen

Photo Credit: Art by kraig rasmussen

The Storycraft Podcast

Catch up with the library episodes of the Storycraft Podcast on iTunes, with the latest linked here each week.

New episodes with the host of the Bitch Talk Podcast, Erin Lim. As well as the first reposted (and revamped) Storycraft Classic episode with Film Threat founder and comedian Chris Gore.

The Los Angeles Podcast Festival is this weekend, so expect all kinds of goodies to come from that.

New Merch

Monkeygong Merch!

Grab all kinds of illustrated goodies, from shirts, tech cases, and prints to comics and original art! Clothing sizes to fit all for both men and women.

Monthly print sale starting soon!

What's a monkeygong?

Monkey - my primal self. Gong - my inner alarm clock, telling me it's time to make and say stuff.

Monkeygong - my publishing and product brand. Pretty simple, really.

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