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New Comics

The Dead Remember

Exclusive comic made for an upcoming major motion picture!

In the mountains of northern Arizona, creatures possessed by an ancient evil stalk the Reynolds family, imprisoning them in their home, and then… in their own minds. Their teenage son, Isaiah is haunted by a strange connection to the creatures. And when they take his young sister, Alyssa, he reluctantly follows his connection to get her back. Aided by powerful Native American guides Sani and Tsintah, Isaiah must solve the creatures’ mysterious origins to take the fight to them, and save his entire family.

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Exclusive webcomic debuting September 2018

Sojourners is the tale of an intrepid crew of genetically engineered monkeys, on a mission to save earth from climate catastrophe. Only problem is, first they have to cross the galaxy and travel back in time to do it.

Written and illustrated by Kraig Rasmussen

 New Merch in the shop:

“Piston Head”

8.5x11 color print - $7

“MEOW” T-shirt (unisex)

Screenprinted - $20

New Podcasts

Photo Credit: Art by kraig rasmussen

Photo Credit: Art by kraig rasmussen

The Storycraft Podcast

Spotlight Episode:

Hosts of the Bigfoot Collector's Club

Michael McMillian (True Blood, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)

& Bryce Johnson (Willow Creek, Misfits & Monsters)


Hosts of the Bigfoot Collector's Club Podcast-- stars of True Blood and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, & Willow Creek and Misfits & Monsters, respectively, join me to talk all things paranormal, podcast and professional creative career. It's a high energy, high concept dive into many facets of imagination, reality, and everything in between. Fans of True Blood, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and many Bobcat Goldthwait projects, will get a lot from this, along with the usual goodies about surviving and thriving in your creative pursuits.

Follow @bigfootcollectorsclub, @McMillzz, @MrBryceJohnson, @adventurevancomic & @ryancody on instagram, as well as @McMillzz and @BryceOJohnson on twitter.

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Please follow the show on twitter @storycraftpod, and follow me there and on instagram @kraigcomx.


Repeat Viewing

New Episode:

Clue vs Game Night

Hosts Seamus Smith & Kraig Rasmussen compare and contrast the beloved comedy classic Clue, and the recent comedy stand-out, Game Night. We look closely at the way both films are made, how they treat their characters, and how they represent their times. This is our first listener supplied Repeat Viewing Challenge episode, so buckle up for a lively take on a movie we didn't choose, and a deep look at comedy as a cinematic genre.

Send us your own Repeat Viewing Challenge to @repeatviewpod on twitter & instagram, or facebook.com/repeatviewingpodcast.

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Furthest Reaches

Join me in celebrating my first 5 years as a professional Science Fiction artist with this 50 page, wonder filled tome. Just $20 gets you the very limited edition book, as well as an original sketch inside made just for you.

This book features several never-before-seen illustrations, and every image fits the overall whole, as a love letter to, and rumination upon humanity's future in space.

The print-run was extremely small, and there will not be a second in this format, so please click here to get yours ASAP!


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What's a monkeygong?

Monkey - my primal self. Gong - my inner alarm clock, telling me it's time to make and say stuff.

Monkeygong - my publishing and product brand. Pretty simple, really.