Michael McMillian & Bruce Johnson

Hosts of the Bigfoot Collector's Club Podcast-- stars of True Blood and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, & Willow Creek and Misfits & Monsters, respectively, join me to talk all things paranormal, podcast and professional creative career. It's a high energy, high concept dive into many facets of imagination, reality, and everything in between. Fans of True Blood, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and many Bobcat Goldthwait projects, will get a lot from this, along with the usual goodies about surviving and thriving in your creative pursuits.

Follow @bigfootcollectorsclub, @McMillzz, @MrBryceJohnson, @adventurevancomic & @ryancody on instagram, as well as @McMillzz and @BryceOJohnson on twitter.

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