Storycraft Chronicles 2 - Birthday Pod minisode!

What I learned making stories this week was further wisdom from Seth Godin, for ask the doc I claim writer's block is fake, and I share what I'm reading. Hear the tale of my birth, 40 years before the date of this episode, then hear me gush about Seth Godin, how I love his new podcast Akimbo, and some of the great thoughts from his first episode that apply directly to storycraft as a show AND discipline. Also, I talk about a couple things I'm reading, one by Andy Diggle & Victor Ibanez, the other by Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle.

Plus, "Ask the Doc!" Send me your queries on story making, your thought process, or particular conundrum: @storycraftpod, @kraigcomx, Storycraft on Facebook and Let's talk it out!

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Kraig Rasmussen