Rene Mousseux jumps from stunts in film and TV, to making his own movies

You have definitely watched stuntman Rene Mousseaux work, even though you didn't know it, from his role as Lt. Mur on Supergirl, to being Stunt Coordinator of the original "Old-Spice Guy", now he's making his own films. We peal apart the film business, talking micro budget filmmaking, owning your work to take control of your career (and life), and using your resources to work smarter. We discuss a handful of his numerous credits, how he went from making underwater documentaries for National Geographic to stuntwork, and plenty of anecdotes from his times on set with Steven Segal, Clint Eastwood and more. It's film nerdy, but hyper practical and stuffed with ideas about how to manage your creative work in the real world.

Check out clips from Rene Mousseux's work at, and have your mind blown by looking up his credits on IMDb.

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