Jon Bogdanove

Jon Bogdanove, (Power Pack, X-Factor, Death of Superman & lots more,) sat with me after Comic Con Palm Springs to share a detailed and nostalgic dive into his history of working for the "Big 2" on some absolutely seminal works. He tells all the behind the scenes hub-bub that spurred the Death of Superman, his magical tale of landing his job at Marvel comics in the 80s, his knack for surrounding himself with the best of the best, and how openness & love got to where he is now. We discuss his diversions into being a stylistic chameleon, doing work that is consciously different from your past work, and embracing the digital in a traditional way. The whole thing is bubbling with anecdotes and wisdom many great masters from the recent history of comics, some of whom put us both firmly where we are. Finally, Jon reveals some tantalizing upcoming work. An episode any comic fan can love, but also one that outsiders can learn a lot from.

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