Tony Guaraldi-Brown

Illustrator Tony Guaraldi-Brown (The Cone-Nose Saga, Always) and I escaped the madness of San Diego Comic-Con, [and the crazy-busy Artist's Alley], to talk studying art outside of comics, the pleasure of working within limits, major psychological elements that forge artists, family, and writing characters from the internal perspective. We also discuss the lack of great internal superhero stories, because we feel superheroes are often internally misunderstood by their creators, and Tony delves deep into his powerful ongoing web-comic the Cone-Nose Saga. We also cover how lots of characters are defined by the loss or lack of family (even our own selves as characters), as well as how we feel driven to one-up and change our approach constantly, both to grow and to say different things. We wrap with discussion of Tony's gorgeous new art book ALWAYS. For a talk between two artists, this one is truly all about story- writing, structuring, and executing story- it is by far the most complete look at how I make comics, and it was a delight to discover Tony makes them in almost exactly the same way, internally speaking.

The episode closes out with Celestial Lagoon from Solar Team by DJ Roshay.

Visit Tony's site and read his excellent ongoing web-comic the Cone-Nose Saga. Pick up always at

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