Carolyn Watson-Dubisch

Children's book artist and papier mache master, Carolyn Watson-Dubisch joins me for a deep dive into art entrepreneurship, working for the long haul, the inner workings of the children's literary market, and how the residuals from one good project should be the goal, and could be a game changer for anyone's career in the arts. We also break down her recent art residency in Tetouan, Morocco, and discuss the incredible installation she built there, the experience of Ramadan as an American, living abroad for life exploration, how healthcare works (better) when you're in other countries, and challenging yourself, both by living elsewhere, but also by taking on projects before you know how you can execute them. On top of everything, this is "an artist's guide to Etsy, or, the art of tenacity." Truly a practical takeaway packed conversation, with terrific cultural insight along the way.

Follow Carolyn Watson-Dubisch on Facebook, her Etsy store "Artisanmasks" and on Amazon, where you can find her available children's books.

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