Stephan Franck

Comic book creator & animator Stephan Franck (Silver, The Iron Giant, The upcoming Playmobile Movie) sat with me in his graphic novel packed art studio to discuss the different history of comics in Europe and how that shaped his mind, the "Spirited" results of his young fervor for animation, his tandem love for multiple crafts, and a bonkers revelation about the childhood influence that led him to later create his comic SILVER. We get in depth about his work with Brad Bird on the Iron Giant, the things he brought to that, the things he took away from it, and the way he sees the power of story and how to wield it. And never fear, we cover all kinds of fan service in between, for a very entertaining and insight packed conversation. In particular, if you are interested in getting deep on controlling your stories and images, which should be the whole audience for this show, you will find loads of wisdom to takeaway from this one.

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