Alex Schumacher part 2

Alex Schumacher (Decades of (in)Experience, Mr. Butterchips) and I wrap up our career survival training talk with harsh truths about brutal honesty, pushing yourself to get your best, but only in a nice way, and intentionally working to make something outside of the "industry norm" whatever the industry. We also cover placing the right limits on yourself, tailoring your world to support you, finding the right relationships to provide that support, and that basically, though Murphy's Law may rule the day, Occam's Razor is the rule in the land of the creative-story arts: the simplest answer, (in this case most efficient and healthiest too,) is often the right answer. It's another hilarious riff fest surrounding and binding a deeply insightful look at maintaining your career and self over the long haul.

Find the great, painfully true work of Alex Schumacher on Decades of (in)Experience at and find the scathing, hilarious "Mr. Butterchips" at You can also find the whimsical and gorgeous "The world's crummiest umbrella" at, and the darkly funny "Unemployment Adventures of Aqualung" at or on comixology. Follow Alex an twitter and instagram @ajschumacherart.

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