Alex Schumacher Part 1

Illustrator Alex Schumacher (Decades of (in)Experience, Mr. Butterchips) and I shared libations and laughs a plenty as we discussed the hidden difficulties of an art career, losing and regaining your confidence after going "pro", and the seemingly thankless moments of making art. We also talk autobiographical work, subverting the usual comic book formats, growing (mostly) out of superhero comics, and making something personal. Then things get personal as we foray into managing the highs and lows of the job, integrating experiences into our work, and being patient with ourselves. This is one helluva fun time at the podcast, and it's also a straight up therapy session... but with laughs! If you have ever struggled to keep going, or to regain your focus in tough times, we are talking to/with you in this one. Stay tuned for part 2 in just a couple short days!

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