Jake Pushinsky

Film Editor and friend Jake Pushinsky (Man Down, A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, Fighting) invited me to record with him in his editing office on the Sony lot. Getting to visit a place so packed with film history was the cherry on top of an excellent talk about the mechanics of film storytelling, naturalism, and his longtime collaboration with Dito Montiel that hasalready yielded 7 unique & powerful films. We get technical on the amazing scene in Fighting, which squares off Channing Tatum and real-life badass Kung Le, how that very experimental fight harnessed the power of Kung Le without relying solely on a master shot, as well as how that film is proof Channing Tatum is both nuts and amazing. As a couple of San Francisco kids, we get candid about Robin Williams and what it was like for Jake to edit one of his final films, and his two-part, epic, upcoming Muhammad Ali documentary for HBO Films. There is also a very direct and intriguing formula revealed for how to avoid exposition! This is one for all storytellers, but most assuredly for serious cinephiles and those looking to up their game in crafting solid, naturalistic stories.

Check out Jake's work on Netflix, Fighting and Silicon Cowboys, and find the rest of his work on Amazon Instant Video: A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, The Son of No One, Empire State, Boulevard, Man Down, Howl, Chops, 10 Years, The Making of a Father's Dream, and We Don't Belong Here. That's your homework, but you'll thanks me later!

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