Paul Madonna/LIVE! Podcast Tag-Team @TheLostChurch

The amazing Paul Madonna (All over Coffee, Small Potatoes, On to the Next Dream) joined me, along with my teammates Erin Lim, Ange- aka Captain Party, and producer Char from Bitch Talk, LIVE on stage at the Lost Church in San Francisco to discuss the changing experience of a long term career and life as a working artist in the city. We also get into his unique approach to narrative subject, his deft use of emotional tone, his HUGE upcoming museum show opening in JUNE 2018, and the power of control we have in the stories we tell ourselves. There is also a strong undercurrent of learning to enjoy the art experience, and of showing yourself some care and understanding in times of wandering and exploration, when maybe not the most tangible amount of work is getting done. Unexpectedly, (though surprising due to my unbelievable lack of sleep on stage,) this is an excellent episode, encapsulating everything I like to share from great artists, and stacked with some amazing reveals. The entire experience was an epic adventure that I cannot wait to repeat, only next time with more zzzzzzzzzz.....

A very big thank you to Paul, his hilarious wife Joen (sp?), The Lost Church & our host Phil, my Bitch Talkin' friends Erin, Ange & Char, my sister Kristen, filmmakers/pals Chadrick, Sean & Dexter, and Johnny the bartender for all kicking ass to make this night incredibly cool! Also, thank you to our rad and very engaged audience, some of whom are good friends already. You are the one's who made the night on top of it all. We cannot wait to bring you another show soon!!

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