Cody Goodfellow Part 1

My blazing fast and fun talk with writer Cody Goodfellow, (Mystery Meat, Rapture of the Deep, & the upcoming Snake Handler w/J. David Osborne,) is the perfect example of his unique mind and the type of playful energy he brings to everything. We cover a ton of ground in this engaging and hilarious Part 1, discussing Hollywood myth vs. reality, making something fresh in a rehash soaked era, buying what we are sold growing up and the vast unknowable mysteries/frustrations of being an indie creator. But naturally we also get down to why we can't give that up, as well as pushing ourselves to do good work in the classical sense, defending good grammar and editing ourselves until our eyes bleed, or something like that. Listen to know all!!

Plus, I grabbed a few minutes with our pal Mike Dubisch to setup their creative relationship, which plays nicely into Cody's thoughts on the matter later in the episode.

It's a different mix and a deeper story than usual, and without a doubt a great listen!

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