Scott Little - Electric Heart

Or: How to make a micro budget film into a masterpiece! Producer of the superb film Electric Heart, and also very longtime friend, Scott Little talks about the long road bringing this film to life, his incredible army of talented collaborators, why this film is so unique in the way it uses an emotionally & pumping powerful EDM soundtrack, and why it is the first of it's kind. We also detail the ins & outs of almost every facet of production on the feature, including both pre & post production talk, and some downright exciting news about the near future of the project. Scott also gets into the future of his FilmDM/LifeFlip Empire and what is next on the horizon. This is a lexicon of what it takes to build your film once you have the story, and it delivers a boatload of specifics that left me miles more inspired to jump into directing than I already was. I'm very proud to be in the extended family of this excellent project, and equally proud of the detail and laughs this episode provides!

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