Kraig & Mike fix the plan

After our last co-hosting adventure, I realized that Mike and I had made a grievous oversight in our initial Storyteller Bio roster picks, which shined a light on an unfortunate truth about 20th century comics that I somehow never admitted to myself. HINT: like almost everything else in America right now, it has do with race and gender. We take great pains to recognize the problem for what it is/was, and discover that for us it may not really be a problem, because it opens all kinds of intriguing doors for exploration. In the middle of it all, I shift gears to apologize for a slightly body shaming, careless statement I made during the previous episode with Jim Mahfood - a statement which has now been edited out. Yes, it's a correction-cast extraordinaire, but we manage to pack it with laughs, a few fun social discoveries, talk about the role critics have historically held in society, and how hard it is NOT to put your foot/feet in your mouth these days. These extra episodes are starting to be a total blast every time, which bodes well for the quality and entertainment value of the upcoming Storyteller Bio episodes. Stay tuned!

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