Jim Mahfood

Jim Mahfood, (Grrl Scouts, Tank Girl, Clerks, Stupid Comics,) an iconoclastic, imagination powerhouse of a comic book artist, was my first guest on the original run of the Storycraft Podcast, and this is a much buttered-up-through-the-magic-of- editing re-release of that original episode. You would scarcely know it from how much better it sounds! The conversation remains as true today as it was then, in which we cover managing a 21st century art career in very specific ways, how superheroes do not represent all comics, but how they certainly created our love affair with the medium, and how that may be from frustration over industry trends, or just how certain people grow from reader to artist, and the shift in interests that ensue. We also talk a lot about diversifying as a creator to make a living, some of our influences who did the same, and the unique voice that comes along with innovation based on the rigors of a very challenging art form. I'm very pleased to present this again, and am delighted to find it as full of takeaways as any episode I might record today.

Celebrate Jim's return to where it all started, and pick up the new 6 issue limited series Grrl Scouts: Magic Socks, starting May 17th from Image Comics!!

Stay tuned for more info about the upcoming Live Storycraft/Bitch Talk crossover podcast in San Francisco, Friday June 2nd!

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