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Subscribing to Monkeygong works just like Kickstarter & Patreon combined with an indie comics publisher— rewards, exclusive weekly comics, podcasts, videos & bts content. Details below:




Even at this base level, you get all access to my premium creative content including comics, bts material for each story, videos, AMA & more. As a basic reader and spectator, your engagement will be one of my biggest goals, since you’re probably here for the comics (like me). Additionally, you’ll receive an extra monkeygong gift or two throughout the year.

*This price will change at the end of beta.





The reader circle and patron levels are who I’m really making most of my premium content for. You are my prime audience, here to read and follow the progress, so it is you I aim to please each week. For your support, you will receive a graphic novel (or 2) at the end of the year, extra access to bts content and group chats, plus an extra printed gift now and then.

*This price will change at the end of beta.




Book Collector

The name really says it. Think of this level as pre-ordering my entire yearly library of comics work, and helping me pay for printing. That's a minimum of 3 original graphic novel size books, including the content of webcomic theater, plus compilations, sketchbooks, minis, one-offs & more. Also, you get a shirt of your choice and an original drawing once a year. Finally, I’ll send an occasional gift to show my extra appreciation, which could be anything from original art to a hoodie or home item. You never know what specialty stuff I might make with all the resources out there!

*This price will change at the end of beta.



Under Boss

At this level, you basically become a brand ambassador for monkeygong. Because, in addition to an all-access pass to everything behind the paywall, including the upcoming coaching content I’m making for creators, but you also get all my printed work mailed to you immediately upon release, plus a tank top, shirt, and hoodie at the proper times of year. A monkeygong for all occasions. As a bonus, you get a shout-out on either or both podcasts! Finally, you’ll get two, that's right, 2(!) pieces of original art per year, and a free pass to any event I do in your town or wherever you attend.

*This price will not change after beta.




Big Boss

Big Boss level, should make you hear them theme from a kung-fu movie, because you are the most epic super patron and mega fan! You get full access to every last stitch of content on the site, including all the upcoming creative tutorial content I'm making for storytellers, plus, you'll get shipped every item I print, including apparel, upon each and every release, year round. On top of all that, I'll send you 2 pieces of original art per year, a free pass to any live event I do that you attend, a shout-out on either or both podcasts, and better still, you have an open spot to commission me for a piece once a year. That's right, I'll draw you (mostly) whatever you want at 11x17, once a year.

*This price may change after beta.




Final Boss

Well, the word patron doesn't really cover it here. You're the kind of person who makes sure culture gets a chance to thrive, and you want to fill your home walls with amazing works. Because at this level, that's what we are going to do together. Not only will you get enough printed stuff from me each year to deck out all your rooms and send books to your friends, including a few pieces of original art, a free pass to any live event I do that you attend, a shout-out on either or both podcasts, and multiple apparel items, but you also get to commission me to do 1 large (up to 38x42) sci-fi illustration. Whatever it may be, I'll make it captivating so you can fall into it every time you see it.

*This price will (probably) never change.



One-Time Boss

You don’t feel the need to be clingy with your artists. I respect that. Love doesn’t have to last forever to count! Thank you for showing such a monumental level of support. For such a gesture, you get lifetime membership behind the paywall, a hand picked selection of printed works over one year, a free pass to any live event I ever do that you attend, a shout-out on either or both podcasts for 3 months, two (2) small pieces of art, and one large b/w commission at 11x17.

*This price will never change.