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Exclusive webcomic debuting spring 2018

Sojourners is the tale of an intrepid crew of genetically engineered monkeys, on a mission to save earth from climate catastrophe. Only problem is, first they have to cross the galaxy and travel back in time to do it.

Written and illustrated by Kraig Rasmussen


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 Photo Credit: Art by kraig rasmussen

Photo Credit: Art by kraig rasmussen

The Storycraft Podcast

Newest Episode:

What I learned making stories this week - Solo minisode1

I share things I learn from making stories, and specifics from the freelance struggle, all by myself on the mic-- or, Kraig goes solo! (No relation. Zero wookies are involved in this episode, unfortunately...) I take some time to welcome you to new regular segments, "what I learned making stories this week" and "Ask the doc!", in which I solicit your problems or need for feedback on one of your projects. Join me!

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New episodes with DJ Roshay, Mike Dubisch, Graham Elwood, Dito Montiel Matt Nix, Rene Mousseux and many more.

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Monkeygong Merch!

Grab all kinds of illustrated goodies, from shirts, tech cases, and prints to comics and original art! Clothing sizes to fit all for both men and women.

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New Podcast!

Repeat Viewing

Repeat Viewing - Decoding insights & secrets of cinema, deciding what to watch so you don't have to! A podcast exploring why people rewatch movies. Everybody does it. Everybody has favorites. Let's discuss it. Plus, new films,  film news, trailers, commentaries and more! Hosted by artist-filmmakers and longtime friends, Kraig Rasmussen & Seamus Smith.

New Episode: The Ladies Man - unsung comedy classic!

New episodes twice weekly! One news, one main film review, plus lots of specials and tangential film talk.

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What's a monkeygong?

Monkey - my primal self. Gong - my inner alarm clock, telling me it's time to make and say stuff.

Monkeygong - my publishing and product brand. Pretty simple, really.

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