Publisher’s note to the reader

Greetings, intrepid explorer of uncharted territory!

Thank you for landing here. It is my goal to make sure your experience is engaging, thought provoking, and wonder filled. Because without you, audience member and patron, I speak to the void. My messages are meant for your ears, eyes, and heart.

If this sounds loquacious and lofty, that’s because I take note from the greatest true believer of them all, Stan Lee in my overall approach to this membership or “readership”. This forward is meant to inform you to expect me to treat you as Stan treated his readers at his peak at Marvel Comics: heavily engaged, socially impassioned, and endlessly driven to create amazing stories.

I started this membership to make a place for me to tell stories about important issues, and confront our uncertain future, directly to the audience who likes that kind of story. (Plus, every single story is part of a connected science fiction universe, all tied together in some small or large way. So be ready to spot easter eggs!)

To that, I will be openly sharing the social/political/environmental inspirations and themes that drive my stories, and I’ll dive into the real world elements in my other premium content, to walk you through where I’m coming from… except for my secret theme.

What’s my secret theme? Well, soon I’ll let you guess. And it’ll be a contest with the reward of original art.

But first, let’s get some clues in front of you in the form of comics, videos, articles, links to other articles, and more!

Now head off into the reaches of this strange land, and investigate all there is to see, as worlds upon worlds begin to reveal themselves.



Kraig Rasmussen