When your friend runs for POTUS…

Crooked people! My pal, politically brilliant comedian Ben Gleib is running for President. He’s still here, no matter the June debate deadline, and aiming to qualify for July.

Head to gleib2020.com for more info about Ben’s campaign.

As a supporter of his run, I created this modern propaganda poster for him. I wanted to see a different flavor of political message with more personality, and frankly I had a total blast making it. (This is the type of thing I’d love to do for Crooked Media, given the opportunity…)

[Tour this site for lots more art, and scroll down for my special message to Crooked media.]

Below are 2 podcasts pertinent to Ben’s run…

Ben Gleib’s Official campaign announcement episode of his show, (including his full campaign kickoff speech from the Hollywood Improv), Last Week on Earth:

Ben’s recent appearance on Storycraft:

 Crooked staff, below is private podcast created as a way to introduce myself to you, and hopefully get involved in the great work you’re doing. Please enjoy!

Now that you made it through the show, you’re aware that I’d love to meet with the staff there, and investigate any opportunities to work with you.

I’m available to come to the offices anytime with 24 hours notice.

Please feel free to contact me by phone at 415-240-8979, or email: kraigcomx@gmail.com.

Despite any change in your current hiring status, I hope we can still engage in a productive discussion, as I believe the opportunities for powerful collaboration are vast.

Thank you for your time.

Kraig Rasmussen

May 20th, 2019