Regarding On-Demand Merch


The problems of TRUST & QUALITY.

It's a content-stuffed world. There are plenty of places you can spend your money on shirts, phone cases, art & housewares, and many are from on-demand fulfillment companies like Shopify, Threadless, or Redbubble.

The common problems with the barrage of content and products, are the questions of trust and quality-- namely, how can you be sure of either?

When I converted my shop to on-demand fulfillment via Shopify, I carelessly scoffed at the idea that people would automatically trust my shop and merchandise a lot less. But that lack of trust has been crystal clear for some time, and I'd like to lay those concerns to rest.

I chose Shopify over Redbubble and Threadless, choosing to pay a stiff monthly fee whether I sell or not, because the quality difference and fulfillment guarantees are so far above the other two. (The longest I've ever waited for delivery is 3 weeks.)

As you can see in the pictures below, the image quality is very sharp and professional looking. The alignment has always been perfect to my design specs, and any flawed merch has been replaced quickly. Read more below for specifics!

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1) Everything of mine I actually own.

After my first phone case and shirt, I was hooked. To be completely honest, the quality surprised me. You can see that I pick up something new with some regularity.

2)Direct-to-Garment Shirts

The quality of Shopify's shirts really blows my mind-- especially becasue it is the most likely place people get leery about buying on-demand. But just look at that great shirt!

Direct-to-Garment printing has historically been lousy- I tried several vendors before Shopify, only to end up with a bunch crappy shirts. But you can see this tank top has really crisp art and bright colors. And the real kicker, is that I've had this tank top for 3 years, washed it (hopefully) dozens of times, and it still looks great. [Someone even tried to buy it from me 2 months ago at Wondercon, where I had it out as an example.]

To be totally clear... THIS:

Becomes this!

3-5)iPhone Cases

These speak for themselves on a visual level, but I'll add that they are super tough! I dropped both of these cases a bunch, and you can't even tell by looking at them (or my old iPhone).

6-8)Coffee Mugs

Once Shopify added black mugs, I became hellbent on filling my cabinets with 'em.

The black backdrop makes the art pop, and lends a little extra mood to my sci-fi tone. You can see that the images, though baked in, are still very crisp. Also, the mugs are huge-- perfect for your morning blast-off!

My only caveat with the mugs is, despite Shopify claiming the contrary, these mugs are not totally dishwasher safe. because the art is laid in with a heat transfer process, the heat of the dishwasher seems to fade the art over time. But the mug in question is already three years old, and looks this way from quite a lot of use and washing. The new mugs seem to be even sharper, and I wouldn't be surprised if they've solved the dishwasher issue. My new mug hasn't shown any wear yet!

9)Art Prints

This shot was taken in DJ Roshay's studio. I was happily greeted by it when we recorded a podcast there recently. I'm really impressed by the color quality, since digital printing can over-saturate easily. This also means the black and white prints are super crisp as well!

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Coming soon to the monkeygong shop!

Solar Team by DJ Roshay on Vinyl.

And this is NOT print-on-demand. These will come directly from me or DJ Roshay himself. Stay tuned!