Monkeygong is live on Patreon!

Here is an excerpt from my creator's statement on Patreon.

"I am dead-set on being my own boss in order to produce an interesting body of work. All of which will be focused largely on science fiction, social commentary, fostering a sense of wonder, communicating positive ideas, (while still making the occasional political statement), and naturally, creating a ton of amazing, beautiful images in pen & ink and color.

Patreon offers me a unique chance to encapsulate what I'm doing with and combine it with kickstarter style rewards and greater social outreach. It also offers a chance to crystalize my overarching goals that aren't always clear with one podcast or one glimpse at some art."

Head over to Patreon to check out the unique rewards and read more into the plans for monkeygong and the Storycraft podcast.

Kraig Rasmussen