Storycraft: "What I learned making stories this week" - Solo minisode1

It's a strange return to the orignal format of Storycraft, where I discuss things about my own work, share things I learn from making stories, and specifics from the freelance struggle, all by myself on the mic-- or, Kraig goes solo! (No relation. Zero wookies are involved in this episode, unfortunately...) My first one-man show since the earliest episodes of the show, now lost to time and my old harddrive. I take some time to welcome you to "what I learned making stories this week", and the companion segment, "Ask the doc!", in which I solicit your problems or need for feedback on one of your projects. Join me!

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Art Installation, Tetouan, Morocco, By Carolyn Watson-Dubsich

Here are the glorious photos of Carolyn's epic installation. It is one of the coolest things made by anyone I know! I wish I could see this in person.

Listen to Carolyn discuss this incredible project in detail, and a whole lot more on the Storycraft podcast: