LIVE! Podcast Tag-Team in SF, Friday, June 2nd @ 7:30pm w Storycraft & Bitch Talk

Bay Area podcast listeners and friends! The Storycraft Podcast is Teaming up with the Bitch Talk Podcast for an evening of double podcast fun, live on stage at the Lost Church (65 Capp Street) in the mission. Please come out and join us if you're local or nearby that weekend.

$15 early bird tickets are available now at, but they are limited so act fast:

Special guests will be announced the week of the show:)

Hope to see you there!


Monkeygong is live on Patreon!

Here is an excerpt from my creator's statement on Patreon.

"I am dead-set on being my own boss in order to produce an interesting body of work. All of which will be focused largely on science fiction, social commentary, fostering a sense of wonder, communicating positive ideas, (while still making the occasional political statement), and naturally, creating a ton of amazing, beautiful images in pen & ink and color.

Patreon offers me a unique chance to encapsulate what I'm doing with and combine it with kickstarter style rewards and greater social outreach. It also offers a chance to crystalize my overarching goals that aren't always clear with one podcast or one glimpse at some art."

Head over to Patreon to check out the unique rewards and read more into the plans for monkeygong and the Storycraft podcast.

The Storycraft Podcast with guest Mick Gray

Mick Gray drops knowledge and perspective from a long career inking the likes of JH WIlliams III, Ryan Sook, Pat Gleason, Barry Kitson, Kevin Nowlan, and, wait for it... Jack Kirby. Known for his current work on Superman, an epic run on Batman & Robin (Robin, Son of Batman,) and before that, the incredible Promethea, Mick is without a doubt one of the master inkers in comics. He knows how to deliver a eye poppingly bold and expressive work, and he's kind enough to share insights on how he got there in this really great talk.

Check out his new music show the Deep Cut Podcast on Youtube, and pick up the new issue of Superman at your local comic book shop!

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